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Our extensive menu has something to delight any plate – whether you are looking for a simple meal, Pad Thai or Egg Fired Rice, or something to spice you up like a bowl of spicy Red Curry with Jasmine rice.

Spicy Levels

Select Your Spicy carefully. Please Note that If you Choose Too Spicy, We Will Not Allow a Return
Vegan and Cluten friendly options are available upon request, please mention with your server.
Food may contain traces of nuts. dairy, gluten. and other allergens.
**Please always inform your server of any aIIergies,restrictions, and preferences. * *
*Prices are supject to change without notice.



Chicken Satay (4)


Grilled marinated chicken Satay skewers served with Thai peanut sauce, pickled carrot

Spring roll (4)


Crispy fried rolls of cabbages, mung bean, carrot, taro, glass noodles served with housemade sweet chilli sauce

TBN firied Chicken


Crispy fried chicken coated with TBN style sweet chili garlic sauce and spring onion

Fresh roll (6)


Lettuce, pickled carrot, coriander, mint, vermicelli wraps with a rice paper served with tamarind sauce, peanut

Shrimp roll (4)


Crispy fried marinated shrimp with lemongrass wrapped with pastry served with housemade sweet chilli sauce

Awesome Wing (7)


Marinated chicken wings in our own Thai style served with housemade sweet chilli sauce



Crispy fried squid served with housemade sweet chilli sauce

Shrimp chip & Peanut sauce


Noodles & Rice

My Best Pad Thai


Rice noodles, tamarind sauce, egg, tofu, shallot, pickled radish, chive, beansprout, roasted peanut, fresh lime juice (vegetarian, chicken + $2, beef+ $ 3, shrimp + $ 4)

Pas See Ew


Flat rice noodles, egg, dark soy sauce, oyster sauce, garlic, Chinese broccoli (vegetarian, chicken + $ 2, beef+ $ 3, shrimp + $ 4)

Pad Kee Mao


Flat rice noodles, egg, Thai basil, garlic, soy sauce, oyster sauce, bell pepper, white onion, green bean, mushroom, bamboo shoot (vegetarian, chicken + $2, beef + $ 3, shrimp + $4)

Khao Soi


Soft and crispy egg noodles, golden curry. coconut milk, shrimp paste, spring onion, red onion, crispy shallot, lime, pickled veg (tofu, chicken + $2, beef+ $3, shrimp + $4)

Pineapple fried rice


Jasmine rice, pineapple, chicken, shrimps, egg, garlic, curry powder, white onion, cashew nut, carrot, pea spring onion

Thai-Style egg fried rice


Jasmine rice, egg, Chinese broccoli, cherry tomato, garlic, white onion, spring onion, served with lime, cucumber, Prik Nam Pla (vegetarian, chicken +$2, beef+ $3, shrimp + $ 4)

Pad Kra Prao with fried


Thai holy basil, garlic, white onion, red bell pepper, green bean served on jasmine rice with fried egg, cucumber, Prik Nam Pla (tofu, minced chicken + $2, shrimp + $ 4)

Garlic Pepper with fried egg


Stir-fried choice of your meat, garlic, black pepper served on jasmine rice with fried egg cucumber, Prik Nam Pla (chicken, beef+ $2, shrimp + $4)



Jasmine Rice


Sticky Rice


Coconut Rice


Brown Rice


Plain Roti (2)


Egg Noodles



AII curry served with Jasmine Rice

Green Curry


Green curry, coconut milk, bamboo shoot, green bell pepper, Thai basil (vegetarian, chicken + $ 2, beef+ $ 3, shrimp + $ 4)

Red Curry


Red curry, coconut milk, squash, red bell pepper, Thai basil (vegetarian, chicken +$2, beef+ $3, shrimp +$ 4)

Panang Curry


Panang curry, coconut milk, bell pepper, green bean, kaffir lime leaves (vegetarian, chicken + $2, beef+ $3, shrimp + $4)

Mussaman Curry


Massaman curry, coconut milk, tamarind, roasted peanut, white onion, potato. crispy shallot (tofu, chicken + $ 2, beef+ $ 3, shrimp + $ 4)

Jungle Curry


Red curry clear broth, red and green bell pepper, mushroom, bamboo shoot, kaffir lime leaves, green bean, Holy basil, Fingerroot (vegetarian, chicken +$2, beef+ $3, shrimp +$4)

Soup & Salad


TomYum Soup


Spicy and sour soup, Lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, cherry tomato, mushroom, coriander, long leaf coriander, fish sauce. shrimp paste. tamarind, milk (Veggies, Chicken + $1, Shrimp + $2)

TomKha soup


Coconut milk based soup. Lemongrass, galangal, kaffir lime leaves, cherry tomato, mushroom, red onion, coriander, long leaf coriander, fresh lime juice (Veggies, Chicken +$1, Shrimp + $2)

Mango salad


Fresh mango, red bell pepper, red onion, long leaf coriander, coriander, peanut and Thai salad dressing

Green Papaya Salad


Fresh green papaya, long bean, cherry tomato, Housemade tamarind dressing, garlic, chilli, toasted peanut

Stir Fry

AII stir-fry served with Jasmine Rice

Cashew Chicken


Stir- fried breaded chicken, House special roasted chili paste with dried shrimp, garlic, bell pepper, white onion. cashew nut, spring onion, fresh lime juice

Pad Prik King


Stir— fried breaded chicken, red curry, kaffir lime leaves, green beans, red bell pepper

Mixed Veggies


Stir-fried assessment of veggies, garlic sauce

Thai Basil stir-fry


Stir- fried choice of your meat, Thai basil, garlic, white onion, green bean, bell pepper (vegetarian, chicken + $2, beef+ $3, shrimp + $4)

Basil Eggplant


Stir-fried eggplants with your choice of protein, Thai basil, garlic. white onion, bell pepper. green bean (tofu, minced Chicken + 2, Shrimp + 4)



Butterfly pea Coconut Tapioca (served warm)


New York Cheese Cake


Mango Sticky Rice (seasonal)